Our Foundation Board

All of our distinct Board Members serve in pro-bono positions without pay, dedicating their time and effort to promote the goals of our Foundation.


Robinson Hernandez has nearly 20 years of experience working at the intersection of business and government.

He served as the Executive Director of The Urban Tech Hub @ Company – a one-of-a-kind space purpose-built to support and materially advance the prospects of entrepreneurs and companies seeking to address New York City’s most pressing urban challenges in sectors such as mobility, logistics, infrastructure, open data, and clean tech.

Previously, Robinson served as an Executive Director in the Mayor’s Office and as Deputy Commissioner of Small Business Services for the City of New York, where he led a mayoral task force on regulatory reform and economic development to change the way the City of New York interacts with small business owners.

Axel Weber (Chairman)

Mr Weber is an accomplished senior technologist and innovator with more than 20 years’ experience in aligning business processes with technology in complex and large-scale environments, the planning, and the implementation of cutting-edge technology initiatives.

Mr Weber holds an MSc degree in Electrical Engineering, and two MSc degrees in Modelling and Simulation and in Systems Integration from the Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California. He is the recipient of several distinguished academic awards.

Mr Weber co-founded several global technology initiatives and is the founder of the Peace Innovation Foundation.

Ira Cohen (Treasurer)

Mr Cohen is an experienced financial services consultant and successful mutual fund executive with over 30 years of financial experience with a strong track record in building trust.

He is a proven industry leader with excellent relationship building, tactical execution and decision-making skills.

Mr Cohen serves as an Independent Board Trustee for several multi-billion-dollar capital funds, including Chairman of the Governance Committee for Valued Adviser’s Trust, Chairman of the Audit Committee for Griffin Capital Funds, and Chairman of the Board for Angel Oak Funds.

Mr Cohen serves as an Executive Vice President for Recognos Financial, a developer of artificial intelligence software for the financial services industry.

Timothy Palmer (Secretary)


John Eschenfelder (Board Member)


Iris Braunstein (Board Member)


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